Böhmische Dörfer

Horn’s father was Polish, his mother Czech. Horn himself studied at German schools, wrote works of Czech history in German, and maintained close contacts with both Czech and Germany revolutionaries. In his imagination both nationalities were united by the struggle for democracy and resistance to the despotic monarchy. However, as the 1848 revolution unfolded and a schism opened up between the ideas of the Czechs and the Germans as to how to proceed, he lost most of his sympathy for the Czech ethnic group. He conceived his drama King Otakar as a polemic with the play of the same name by Franz Grillparzer.

Subject: Prague of the National Revival
Author: Horn, Uffo
Title: Böhmische Dörfer
Date: 1850
Place of publication: Leipzig
Publisher: Friedrich Ludwig Herbig
Origin: acquired in 1982
Licence: Free license

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