Bohemia after the Battle of White Mountain, Part 1

This work of the French historian had a major influence on Czech historical awareness. It follows Palacký's synthesis of history, which ended in 1526, and describes historical events up to the end of the 19th century. It was made available to the Czech reader through a translation by Jindřich Vančura, who altered the original text with numerous additions and omissions to fill the void of a missing, scholarly argument for Masaryk's philosophical construction of Czech history. According to that construction , the values created by Hussitism and the Unitas Fratrum reformation played a key role in the beginnings of the national awakening after the "dark" period.

Author: Denis, Ernest
Title: Bohemia after the Battle of White Mountain, Part 1
Date: 1911
Origin: Jan Thon library
Licence: Free license
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