Kelch und Schwert

A revolutionary, journalist, critic of the political situation in the Austrian monarchy, and later a member of the German parliament in Frankfurt, Moritz Hartmann saw in Bohemian history, especially in the Hussite movement, one of the key moments in humanity’s struggle for freedom. Inspired by Jan Hus, he called not only for a political revolution, but a religious, spiritual and cultural one too. He believed that freedom was the highest value, superior to all ethnic disputes, and therefore right up until the 1848 revolution believed a unified, fraternal union of Czechs and Germans could act as a bridge between the cultures of West and East.

Subject: Prague of the National Revival
Author: Hartmann, Moritz
Title: Kelch und Schwert
Date: 1851
Place of publication: Darmstadt
Publisher: C. W. Leske
Origin: Library of the Karásek Gallery
Licence: Free license

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