Letter # 142 by Václav Havel from prison to Olga Havlová (21. 8. 1982)

Václav Havel's correspondence from prison, initially of personal nature, gradually transformed into a conceptually structured literary work. It includes letters to Olga, who was not Havel's only correspondence partner; in addition to his brother Ivan, there were also people who could not write to Havel directly due to the strict rules of prison communication. Václav Havel's archival collection contains mainly letters from the period between 4 June 1979 and 4 Sept. 1982, which were published in samizdat and exile editions and, after 1989, also by the Atlantis and Torst publishing houses.

Subject: One Literature?
Author: Havel, Václav
Title: Letter # 142 by Václav Havel from prison to Olga Havlová (21. 8. 1982)
Origin: Václav Havel collection
Licence: Free license

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