Letter from Milada Součková to Jindřich Chalupecký dated 29 October 1946

New York 29/Oct/46
Dear Mr. Chalupecký,
So I’m writing to you from this Babylon. It’s all very interesting and informative. I’m glad that I experienced it, and you were right, maybe it’s for the best that I did it and that I don’t like doing it. I started writing about America from the very beginning, but not in the way it is usually written about – quite differently. There’s also a poem entitled “On the Ruins of Poetry”, and I think you would like it. There’s also one about Chateaubriand. I think you might find something you like in it. Perhaps it would be suitable for your quarterly? For God’s sake, please talk to Dr. Träger, so that he doesn’t forget my publication. I’m so sorry to see here how they write to Hostovský (I wish him the best) for him to send his manuscript, and my things just lie around. This is still a big disadvantage for me. Everyone here, Czechs and Americans, act as if there is something different here than in the rest of the world. This goes without saying. It’s interesting to find a common denominator, to find connections, not exotic differences. And to find them in characteristic forms.
Besides constantly thinking and looking around, I’m very dissatisfied here, both in my personal and work life. I have no flat, I have no office. Vrba – please let’s keep this between us – is very ambitious and diligent, but Svolinský is almost a Leonard da Vinci for him and it gets on my nerves. He would be suited more for politics than for culture. And I don’t intend to engage in a power struggle with him. I tell you, Abdera is everywhere.
I’ve written to Hauková about Anais Nin. Today I wrote A.N. a letter. Very best wishes,

M. Součková

Don’t forget me.
Subject: A Woman in the Pantheon
Author: Součková, Milada
Title: Letter from Milada Součková to Jindřich Chalupecký dated 29 October 1946
Origin: fond Jindřich Chalupecký
Licence: Free license

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