Copy of Letter to František Halas (1942)

Vráž, 14 Nov. 1942
Dear František,
Here in Vráž there is such a strong and cheerful café owner named Mr. Veselý (Mr. Cheerful) who reminds me of you. At my table is 70-year-old Father Krojhez, a former senator, and he is entertaining our three female companions more than I. Though the feast is of potatoes, on the whole it’s not so bad. The autumn is beautiful as you are aware of in Prague too; here in my solitude it is twice as nice. I even managed to drag myself to Kobyla.
J. Havlíček is also here and J. Glazarová is coming. Dr. Lukáš, whom you also know, is taking treatment here. They soak me in water, massage me, heat me up with an infrared lamp and drum my stomach with some kind of ionizing machine. They feed me pills and a thimble’s worth of butter, though daily. I will greet Dr. Elis, but I won’t make it to Prague.
I don’t have the slightest urge to work here, but perhaps my nerves will improve. If Matouš is going to do it with you, I say you should take that W job. I haven’t seen him in a long time. What is he doing? Greetings to Buňka!

Yours, Josef.
Subject: In the network
Author: Hora, Josef
Title: Copy of Letter to František Halas (1942)
Licence: Free license

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