Letter to Jaromír John (1938)

Dear Jaromír,
You are kind and simply Jaromír John that you responded so quickly and sincerely. In the meantime, a miracle has occurred – Václav Černý has, upon my request, invited Fraenkl to write for Kritický Měsíčník (The Critical Monthly).
I know Fraenkl from a single extensive conversation years ago. He’s certainly only human; but I wouldn’t guess what you make of him. You know such pathologically shy people who act conceited. Then there’s another matter that I’ve already rebuked him for: He must learn a different diction. He has been completely corrupted by Arne Novák. Ugh.
I’ve never seen Václav Černý in person, but know that he’s an extraordinarily talented man. I feel the weaknesses. I don’t believe in plagiarism. I can’t believe anyone would be capable of it. Perhaps this is one of many cases in which the control of consciousness is weaker than a vast memory. This is usually an extremely complex matter – it also entails imitation, and the tendency to imitate is developed differently with Václav Černý. Such a thing can yield to one’s maturation. No, I cannot believe that deliberate plagiarism occurred. F. X. Šalda also went through a similar phase in his youth. A few years ago, Arne brought this up – not Šalda’s plagiarism per se, but his slavish parabases, nearly excerpts. It was not and is not so simple.
I wish your book would be released. The papers have already announced them. And why not Estét (The Aesthete), that novel from the magazine Pestrý týden.? That was something. Too refined for our readers, but for our critics it was something. With its irony, counter-irony and counter-counter irony. Can you tell me about it?
Sincerely yours,
24 Jun. 38
Subject: In the network
Author: Eisner, Pavel
Title: Letter to Jaromír John (1938)
Licence: Free license

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