Letter to Josef Hora (1945)

Prague, 27 May 1945.
Dear Josef,
On the afternoon of May 9th, I walked around your apartment, saw the broken windows, but I’d heard that nothing had happened to you so did not drop in on you. I was as worn out as a kitten, dirty and broken down. I had been in Košíře, where the commotion caught up to me, from Saturday until that moment, I reported to the school in Zámečnice, etc. and had a great desire to sleep. Then there was some running around and meetings, and then I learned that you had gone to Roudnice; when I stopped by yours the other day with a request, they were already there as well, and you were apparently in the hospital. I hope you get out of there soon and go somewhere to rest and recover after all those crazy years. And that is what my letter is about: the Syndicate has authorized me to offer that you (along with Toman, Standa and perhaps also Zaorálek and Ančík, who returned from abroad ill), after consulting with the doctor, choose a place of recovery, of convalescence, where the Syndicate would send you and cover all the costs. I hope that you will accept this friendly offer of ours; let us know what place you’ve selected and when you will be able to go there and recover so that we can start in on the work, of which there is so much. Did you receive the two copies of New Songs of Old China that I sent to you and your brother?
Looking forward to seeing you soon. Warm regards to you, your wife and daughter,
B. Mathesius
/B. Mathesius, Prague XIX, Bučkova 49/.
Subject: In the network
Author: Mathesius, Bohumil
Title: Letter to Josef Hora (1945)
Licence: Free license

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