Letter to Karel Polák (1941)

28 Apr. 41
Dear Doctor,
Thank you for the manuscript. I’ve read it and am sending it for censorship review. I hope you understand the changes in two or three places where you speak of the battle fronts . It concerns Hora; I don’t want to relieve him of responsibility, but it would seem from your context that he and he alone is to blame, and that you are of the opinion that more responsibility should fall on the theoretical experts in the juries; that they should maintain good taste and balance. Then I would be grateful if you would (illegible) explain in the text (illegible) so that it is clear to the readers. Maybe you could call (illegible – Petr) before it goes for censorship review. And one other question: I am reading (illegible) edition from which Neruda’s art criticism is already known; I’ve never had an opportunity, nor the interest prior to this, to explore the sources of this matter. So I wanted to ask you as a Neruda expert, if you have come across other things of this type.
Yours, Kovárna
Subject: In the network
Author: Kovárna, František
Title: Letter to Karel Polák (1941)
Licence: Free license

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