Letter to Václav Černý (1939)

Prague, 2 Sept. 1939
My Dear Friend,
Since I learned from Janský that you are already in Prague, I am sending you a brief polemical essay on Mácha’s relationship to the Baroque (countering Králík in the periodical Řád (Order), who is also opposing you, and more thoroughly). I ask that you publish it in an upcoming issuing of K. M., preferably right away, since Králík also mainly addresses my article in K. M.
If you need anything else for this or upcoming issues, I still have at home Beneš’s Kouzelný dům (The Enchanted House) and Scheinpflugová’s Přežitá smrt (The Survived Death), though I would take a hatchet to both of them. Sending you my best wishes after the holidays and looking forward to working with you. Please kiss your wife’s hand for me.

Subject: In the network
Author: Polák, Karel
Title: Letter to Václav Černý (1939)
Licence: Free license

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