Letter to Vojtěch Jirát (1941)

Prague, 22 Aug. 1941
Dear Doctor,
Today I have finished the revisions of Trakl based on your suggestions and must send you my heartfelt thanks for your effort and the care with which you reviewed the translation for me. This is my first independent translation, and the fact that I don’t speak German must have been immediately apparent to you. I see that the first part would really need revision, but it would take too long and Dr. Píša would be upset with me, so I prefer sending it how it is. I hope that we will meet in Prague while the revisions are still underway and that you will advise me in this and that. Actually, you are suggesting it yourself.
Please send the epilogue to Mr. Píša as soon as it is ready and send me a copy if you’ll have one. What do you think about omitting the dedications attributed to the individual poems?
I will come to Prague at the end of next week and hope to be able to see you somewhere. Until then, thank you once more and I remain devotedly yours,

František Nechvátal
Subject: In the network
Author: Nechvátal, František
Title: Letter to Vojtěch Jirát (1941)
Licence: Free license

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