Manuscript of the original version of the play Jan Hus

The drama represents the first part of the Hussite trilogy, which depicts the origins of the Hussite revolt (Jan Hus), its development (Jan Žižka), and its tragic epilogue (Jan Roháč). While Jirásek relied on his own study of historical sources, especially Petr of Mladoňovice’s account of Hus’s Constance trial, the entire trilogy is founded on František Palacký’s interpretation of Hussitism. Jan Hus opened at the National Theatre on 31 October 1911, but the Austrian censors intervened shortly after the premiere and demanded changes to the text, leading Jirásek to rewrite the original version.

Subject: The 19th Century in Us
Author: Jirásek, Alois
Title: Manuscript of the original version of the play Jan Hus
Date: prior to 1911
Origin: Alois Jirásek Collection
Licence: Free license

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