Photographic portrait of Luisa Ziková

Even the simple photo portraits of Czech women artists, including the internationally acclaimed singer Klementina Kalašová, the pioneer of Czech modern graphic art and renowned painter Zdenka Braunerová, the famous writer and feminist Tereza Nováková, and the poets and prose writers Růžena Jesenská and Luisa Ziková, illustrate the difficult position of women artists in the late 19th century. The cold emptiness of the photographic studio contributes to the rigidity of the faces and suggests the rigid boundaries of a woman’s place in society. These are uncompromisingly outlined by the surviving note on Nováková’s photograph: ‘a 4-cm circle image (only the head and a small part of the bust).’

Subject: Others
Title: Photographic portrait of Luisa Ziková
Date: before 1896
Origin: Photo Archive of the Museum of Czech Literature
Licence: Free license

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