Postcard to Jaromír John (1946)

23 Sept. 46
My Dear Friend,
Thank you very much for the letter and information. I’m rarely as angry as I am now. I remitted the fee immediately/in the meantime I gave in to the publishing house’s pressure for the minimum for all of us members, - 204 crowns for the Tower – you really built it for us for free and it was visible from afar. I will immediately ask the administration to explain why they have not sent it. Your case has certainly made me lose all faith in the administration’s fulfilment of its obligations – now it looks like that I will have to write to all the authors to see if they’ve been paid, and will send the periodical List to Václav Černý and will be sending it regularly – this too the administration was supposed to do long ago! I will have to come down on them hard. As for the publisher, it isn’t our fault. They promptly returned it, claiming that it was the Moravian List.
I wonder when you spoke with Černý. I wrote to him about Hrubý’s criticism of my Chudoby [Daisies]. It was foul criticism because it was irresponsible. I’ve never cared about what anyone has written or will write about me, but this outraged me with its inner malice and lies. I’d like to see any evidence of the similarity of my style and Vančura’s – and that gentleman accuses me of plagiarism. Simply mean!
I have written several times to Černý, but he hasn’t responded at all – although we haven’t seen each other since I was arrested. It’s not nice of him. At least maybe he’ll respond to this letter.

Sincerely yours,
Robert Konečný
Subject: In the network
Author: Konečný, Robert
Title: Postcard to Jaromír John (1946)
Licence: Free license

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