Spectrum, issue 1,

Zdeněk Pinc and Jan Vít undertook the publishing of the Spektrum (Spectrum) review for literature and essays. A number of distinguished authors (including Petr Kabeš, Jan Lopatka, Jiří Němec, and Zdeněk Neubauer) contributed to the single-topic issues (the Position of Humans in the Contemporary World, Questions of Time and History, the National and State Identity and Perspective). The graphic design (a pattern of captions and lines) was created by Jaroslav Krejčí. The publication was financially backed by Jiří Kolář. Reprints of all three issues were published by the London magazine Index on Censorship between 1978 and 1981.

Title: Spectrum, issue 1,
Date: 1977
Origin: acquired 2013
Licence: Free license
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