Study of the Head of a Beardless Peasant

Pages from Hlaváček’s sketchbooks unveil a unique gallery of real and imaginary forms, interwoven with various relationships. For example, a figure with an unreadable face and a contemplative gesture, surrounded by four male portraits, appears to be questioning their own identity. Moreover, this densely hatched face protruding from the contoured figure can be attributed to the artist who is constantly transforming himself into others – empathizing with them, sharing their lives. The portrait of an androgynous being, which has become a mask through shading, is also ambiguous, casting uncertainty even upon the familial ties of the portrayed person. On the contrary, an earlier portrait of an old man bears witness to a perceived resolution, or rather to the (presumed) insight into someone else’s destiny.

Subject: Others
Author: Hlaváček, Karel
Title: Study of the Head of a Beardless Peasant
Date: undated
Dimensions: 24.9 × 18 cm
Licence: Free license

Other exhibits from the chapter

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