The Memoirs (1977–1983)

The monumental Memoirs of the founder of the Critical Monthly provides alook at modern history – its hopes, struggles, joys, ideologies, and atrocities, but above all at Czechs, who lived through them and gave them their colour. Václav Černý started writing his Memoirs in the early 1960s as an enthusiastic man and finished it around the turn of the 1980s as abitter, disillusioned, and almost broken man. What, we ask, was the history of Czechoslovakia in that period? What vision did it follow? Was Černý’s view solely the result of his personal disposition and the high standards to which he held his contemporaries?

Subject: In the network, Highlights, Guide for children
Author: Černý, Václav
Title: The Memoirs (1977–1983)
Licence: Free license

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