Typescript of Milada Součková’s “Testimony. Diary from 1939” – pp. 60

Wednesday, 26 April
Freiherr von Neurath recently visited a tapestry exhibition at Topič Salon. What is going on? How come the Freiherr (“Free gentleman?,“ people joke. “Does that mean he’s on the market and some Czech girl might get lucky?”) rushed over to visit the Borový company as soon as he arrived? Borový – the mouthpiece of the former government policies, of the former government culture? I’ve heard rumours that the Lidové noviny newspaper is on track to become a Czech-language equivalent of Frankfurter Zeitung. Propaganda for the cultured classes. Mr. Bass, the former editor-in-chief of Lidové noviny, now signs his articles as Schmidt-Bass, because as you may

Subject: A Woman in the Pantheon
Author: Součková, Milada
Title: Typescript of Milada Součková’s “Testimony. Diary from 1939” – pp. 60
Licence: Free license

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