A Pictorial History of the Czecho-slovak Nation, part II

At the end of the 19th century, picture series of the national past based on František Palacký's concept of Czech history gained popularity. As part of a series of popular history works and school textbooks, the established canon of collectively shared ideas about the past could more easily penetrate the public at large. Illustrations of key moments in the narrative were not a mere supplement to the text. They identified what was important to remember and accentuated key moments in the plot. The repetition of the same scenes confirmed their truth. There could be only one interpretation of the national past – one which was binding and unalterable.

Subject: The 19th Century in Us
Author: Dolenský, Jan, Rezek, Antonín, Kosina, Jaroslav
Title: A Pictorial History of the Czecho-slovak Nation, part II
Date: 1924
Place of publication: Prague
Publisher: Nakladatelství Jos. R. Vilímek
Origin: acquired 1967
Licence: Free license

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