Apologia, oder Entschuldigungsschrifft

Shortly after the third Prague defenestration, on 23 May 1618, a defence of it was published in print. In it, the Estates stressed that the defenestration was not an act of rebellion against the monarch, but a punishment of his treasonous officials who had violated Rudolf's majesty, especially by having the Protestant churches in Broumov and Hrob closed and demolished. Although the apologia was also sent to Emperor Matthias, its purpose was to gain support abroad for the Estates' resistance. It was therefore published in Czech, German, Latin and Dutch.

Subject: The 19th Century in Us
Title: Apologia, oder Entschuldigungsschrifft
Date: 1618
Place of publication: Prague
Publisher: Samuel A. z Veleslavína
Origin: from library collections
Licence: Free license

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