Graphic art for Otokar Březina’s The Sixth Book of Poems

In the exhibition focused on the personality of Otokar Březina (in the period winter - spring 2024) we offer the viewer, among other things, a document documenting his eligibility for the teaching profession, which Václav Jebavý (the future poet Otokar Březina) began to exercise in Jinošov after graduating from the Telč real school. A payment book from the war period documents the poet's later work at the school in Jaroměřice. The literary critic F. V. Krejčí, who had already reflected on Březina's poetry in the 1990s, thanks the author for his last collection, Hands ( 1901), in a letter. However, the exhibition is again dominated by Březin's poems or essays, uniquely published by bibliophile Josef Portman and artistically arranged by Jan Konůpek (also pointing to the richness of the art collections of the organising institution). For example, the volume Vigil (1931) with an accompaniment of abstract ink drawings or My Mother and Other Poems (1931) with coloured figural drawings. Konůpek's continued interest in Březina's work is also evidenced by the exhibited pamphlet My Memories of Otokar Březina ( 1940) by Anna Pammrová, printed by Jaroslav Pická. But especially his album The Sixth Book of Poems published by Březina. Torso (1947), which is decorated with eleven monumental etchings by Jan Konůpek - depicting symbolic and fantasy scenes.


Translated with (free version)

Subject: The Music of the Spring
Author: Konůpek, Jan
Title: Graphic art for Otokar Březina’s The Sixth Book of Poems
Date: 1947
Licence: Free license

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