Houba: Environmentální bajka


This is an environmental fable with a bad end. It’s raining. The mushroom is portrayed as a globe with animals as the personification of humanity crowded together beneath it. It keeps raining and Markéta Skalková is playing out several possible outcomes from an impasse. The Ant, Beetle, Shrew, Lizard, Bird and Snake may not be getting wet, but they are hungry. This won’t turn out well. If they are not hungry, they have a cold. This won’t turn out well. They eat the mushroom and they are not hungry, but are getting wet ... There is no great hope for the characters of this fable. This extensive black-and-white book contains a brilliant balance between the text and illustrations. It could be twice as big, but is enough for the reader to guess what the possible end will be. You have great fun before your smile gets wet as it keeps raining.

Alžběta Zemanová
Art Panel member

Author: Markéta Skalková
School: Fakulta umění a designu Univerzity Jana Evangelisty Purkyně v Ústí nad Labem

Subject: The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2021
Title: Houba: Environmentální bajka
Licence: Free license

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