The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2021

I’ll take this one and really want to read it. Exhibition of the competition for the best book design.

The jury selects the winner. Some people make their decisions right away, others need more time, and some would like to change their choices immediately. Radicality is moderated by the group decision. Rhetorically skilled individuals have an advantage. The wider the pool of judges, the harder it is to reach agreement. In the cultural sphere there are more and more voices calling for non-competition, saying it is impossible to compare artistic performances. Yet competitions exist, and it is up to us what we can get from them. Books should benefit from the most beautiful books competition. Every year this competition draws attention to the fact that graphic design, materials, and the processing of publications are not a matter of course. We graphic designers have a chance to meet everyone involved in the production of books. For the public, there is a showcase of titles that should not be missed, and without this competition, some readers might never know about them.

Tereza Hejmová and Adéla Svobodová

temporary exhibition
19. 10. 2022 – 15. 3. 2023

Non-fiction Literature


Children’s and Young Adult Literature

Textbooks for All Educational Stages and Teaching Aids

Visual Art Books


Bibliophile Books and Artists’ Books

Art or Printing School Student Works

MCL and MDA award for the best young artist under 30

The Vojtěch Preissig Prize awarded by the Association of Czech Bibliophiles

The Association of Czech Graphic Artists Hollar Prague Prize for the Excellent Visual Accompaniment

The Czech Union of Graphic Design Prize

Awards for the outstanding execution of printing

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