3rd place

A successful sequel to the book entitled Hravouka (Teacherplay). The elegant bigger format is practical, allowing more detailed drawings of seeds, beans and roots, and as a result the young reader gets more of a double-page narrative. The names of the carefully observed plants and small animals are clearly depicted in captions in the margins. Tableaux and sections of the countryside are complemented by the stylised and humanised world of the main guide – a small mouse. The book can be read in two ways: such as the adventure of a mouse on its journey through the countryside, or as a narrative encyclopaedia. Some points of interest are also extended to further pages and complemented by production instructions. The book does not appear pompous, but makes you feel relaxed during a pleasant stroll.

Alžběta Zemanová
Art Panel member

Author: Tereza Korecká Vostradovská
Illustrations: Tereza Korecká Vostradovská
Book design: Toman Design
Publisher: František Havlůj – Běžíliška
Print: Tiskárna Printo
ISBN 978-80-88360-09-4

Subject: The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2021
Title: Hravocesta
Licence: Free license

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