One Foot. A cultural Review, issues 3−4

The samizdat magazine Jednou nohou [One Foot] was created by Ivan Lamper, Viktor Karlík and Jáchym Topol in 1985. Starting with issue 5 (1986), the name Revolver Revue appeared on the cover alongside the title Jednou nohou. The first issue of 1985, which was dedicated to the imprisoned Ivan Jirous (Magor), featured a photograph from the Tribute to Magor event and Magorova labutí píseň (Magor's Swan Song), for which the author received the Tom Stoppard Literary Award awarded by the Charter 77 Foundation in the same year. The linocut covers of the first issues of the magazine, printed on a laundry mangle, were created by Viktor Karlík.

Subject: One Literature?
Title: One Foot. A cultural Review, issues 3−4
Date: 1985
Place of publication: Praha
Technique: self-publishing
Origin: gifted by Vladimír Mlynář
Licence: Free license

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