Karlíček a vosy: Příběh vlídného nepřátelství

1st place

The book outlines to the youngest readers the important theme of tolerance and respect for your fellow man – it tells the story of two characters living together who cannot stand each other. The clean, naive, but highly succinct watercolour illustrations resem-bling children’s drawings bring the theme closer to the child reader. The more that the watercolour blots turn into an actual figure the more that the remote, personally unfamiliar enemy is better portrayed in the story after time spent together.

Rufina Bazlova
Art Panel member

Author: Noemi Cupalová
Illustrations: Hana Šradějová
Book design: Hana Šradějová
Publisher: František Havlůj – Běžíliška
Print: Tiskárna Helbich
ISBN 978-80-88360-08-7

Subject: The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2021
Title: Karlíček a vosy: Příběh vlídného nepřátelství
Licence: Free license

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