Letter from Marta Dandová of the Museum of Literature to Milada Součková dated 2 January 1969

Prague, 2 January 1969
Ref. num. 9/69/Ku
Subject: submission of manuscripts
Handled by: A. Vondrů, M. Phil.

Dr. Milada Součková
Slavic. Dept.
The University of Chicago
Chicago, IL 60637

Dear Dr. Součková,
It was with great excitement that we had awaited the arrival of your books, and it is our regret that we have not yet found the time to read them. But I am sure they are excellent, like the ones you published when you lived in Czechoslovakia.
Originally, we were planning to ask you in our first letter to lend us the manuscript, if only for us to have a look. But then we decided to hold off asking you until after written contact has been established. We would therefore like to take advantage of your suggestion that you might send your manuscripts from the past 25 years to the Literary Archive of the Museum of Literature; your manuscripts would be greatly appreciated not only by us, but especially by the Literary Archive, the head of which has already been notified of your kind offer. Since you say in your letter that these are mostly unprinted manuscripts, we believe it would be possible to put together a selection of them and see if we could get them published by, for example, Mladá fronta or Československý spisovatel. As a matter of course, the copyright remains with you even after submitting the manuscripts. The head of the literary archive informed us with respect to this matter that we could not pay for the manuscripts in foreign currency but only in Czechoslovak currency; the royalty payment would therefore be deposited for you or forwarded to an individual of your choice.
Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to get any details about your former library, but we hope to have some information for you in our next letter.
You may be pleased to hear that this will not be your first exhibition at the Museum of Literature; a book and a manuscript of yours were first exhibited in 1965 as part of a jubilee exhibition of Vladislav Vančura’s works. Dr. Vančurová, his wife, thought of you repeatedly during the preparations of this exhibition, and always very kindly;
we therefore take the liberty of enclosing her memoir, in which her friendship with you is mentioned.
Dear Dr. Součková, let us thank you once more for your books and, most importantly, for your understanding with which you have kindly assisted us in our efforts.
We wish you a prosperous and happy New Year 1969.
Marta Dandová, M. Phil.
Head of the Department of Literary Exhibitions and Education
Subject: A Woman in the Pantheon
Author: Dandová, Marta
Title: Letter from Marta Dandová of the Museum of Literature to Milada Součková dated 2 January 1969
Place of publication: Praha
Licence: Free license

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