Letter Zdenka Braunerová, 22 September 1897

Zdenka Braunerová, one of the first Czech modern women painters, passed through artistic generations as an ageless, sympathetic figure but also a distinctive artist in her own right. She openly voiced her views on both older and newer art, inspired young artists, and collaborated with many local and foreign figures, including Paul Claudel and Auguste Rodin. Her influence on many artists is evident from the numerous surviving letters in which writers, artists, and critics alike tell her of their plans, artistic experiences, and life's adventures, and emphasise her influence in transforming their worldview.

Prague 22 September 1897
My dear Zdenka, I am sending you three words in place of a morning greeting. I can still hear your songs echoing in the half-light, and it feels as sweet as if I had come from a fairy tale.
I don’t feel like writing. I’d rather be dreaming.
“Get up, my dear friend, and come with me!” I feel like saying to you.
I travelled with your flowers and your candle, as if I had collected a little seawater into a nutshell.
But the sea remained in the darkness far behind me, singing its songs of beautiful sadness.
At the station, my poor sweet Francis was waiting for me and saw many a train come and go.
He had kind eyes, and said, “The boy was late, oh was he late.”
And then we talked about you for a very, very, very long time.
Your Růžena
Subject: Others
Author: Svobodová, Růžena
Title: Letter Zdenka Braunerová, 22 September 1897
Origin: Zdenka Braunerová collection
Licence: Free license

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