Publications by the Knihovna Moderní revue (Modern Revue Library) contributed significantly to the rise of modern Czech book culture. They were primarily edited by Arnošt Procházka, who drew inspiration from the French decadents. His goal was to capture the distinct character of each work, and in the case of Jiří Karásek’s Sodom, he even used a different font for each poem. The typography presented the manuscript as the most original record of the literary text. However, it served not only as a faithful paraphrase of the handwritten text but also as its mask. Just as Karásek transformed his creative impulses to create a unique fictional world detached from reality, the typesetting conveyed the poet’s spontaneous notes from an appropriate distance, suppressing the personal aspect and amplifying the fictional one.

Subject: Others
Author: Karásek, Jiří
Title: Sodom
Date: 1895
Place of publication: Prague
Publisher: Moderní revue
Origin: acquired 1983
Licence: Free license

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