Letter to Jan Kopecký (1942)

Plzeň, 6 Oct. 1942
Dear Mr. Editor,
I am requesting a slight postponement; for the next week I’ll have all my free time taken up with finishing touches, which prevents me from sitting down to something else. And that time is limited, if not woefully so. I’d like to be expelled from office into retirement; then I would be able to do more, more and with a freer mind. And only then would I be able to commit to a truly regular collaboration; now it would be quite difficult. I’ll let you know as soon as possible what I could write about. To save you time, you do not have to reply if you agree with my proposal; if you do not reply I would consider it agreed, and send you my review.
I’d like to begin next week. I really would!
Cordially yours!
B. Polan
Subject: In the network
Author: Polan, Bohumil
Title: Letter to Jan Kopecký (1942)
Licence: Free license

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