Letter to Jan Kopecký (1942)

Plzeň, 16 Oct. 1942
Dear Editor,
Please believe me that I would like to turn my “partial” promise into a clear commitment, although there are times when I now read the daily Lidové noviny with very “mixed” feelings, e.g. when one of the Sunday droplets/issues was still infused with the condensed spirit of Viktor (illegible: Hám…) or by any of the masters of that kind, or when I perceive the aesthetic wisdom of the small reviews of Jan Kuzma and the likes. Though now I have to swallow this and that, it doesn’t mean I have to digest it. However, even with those external circumstances that prevented me from entering into closer collaboration with you, it will be even worse than before. Soon we will have to work the entire week, even Saturday and Sunday. In return, we’ll gain an hour and a half of morning when it’s dark and cold.
And so, I would probably act subconsciously if I wanted to please you with a commitment to cooperation that would really be worth it.
I’ll try to cut down on other activities as much as I can. According to your list, I will acquire here Lesař, Horst and (illegible); I hope that I will get them in a bookshop (for the library). As soon as I’m done with something I’ll send it to you. If only I could write in the office – but I need solitude to read (a book), let alone write! Hopefully it will work out somewhat!
Cordially yours,
B. Polan
Subject: In the network
Author: Polan, Bohumil
Title: Letter to Jan Kopecký (1942)
Licence: Free license

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