Portrait of a Young Lady

The tension between the dreams or goals of the modern woman and the lack of opportunities for self-actualisation is captured in their portrayals. The shapeless lump of clay of Štursa's bust, and the uncut marble in Vobišová-Žáková's likeness embody not only the limits posed by nature that the artist must negotiate, but also the burden of conventions and prejudices. A later portrait of an unnamed young woman by the Czech-German painter Schrötter confirms – in a dialogue with the sculptures – the persistence of these boundaries to the 1920s: the dark interior with its vertical drapery envelops a stooping figure with restless fingers and anxious childlike eyes.

Subject: Others
Author: Schroetter , Richard
Title: Portrait of a Young Lady
Date: 1924
Technique: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 96,2 × 76,2 cm
Origin: Karásek Gallery Collection
Licence: Free license

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