Portrait of Marie Balounová

Decadent Symbolism tends to present itself as hostile to women, whose artistic and creative abilities – under the influence of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer – it underestimates. At the same time, however, women were irreplaceably involved in modernist developments, and not only as emancipators of their position in society. In spite of earlier restrictions, they gradually asserted themselves in art, culture and science. The three portrayals presented here highlight the tension between women's creative ambitions and the limited opportunities for their fulfilment, with regard to, but not limited to, the biographies of Balounová and Neumannová, whose function in literary history is more as muses rather than creative figures.

Subject: Others
Author: Vobišová-Žáková, Karla
Title: Portrait of Marie Balounová
Date: undated
Technique: marble
Dimensions: 44 × 47,5 × 26,5 cm
Origin: Karásek Gallery Collection
Licence: Free license

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