Průvodce neklidným územím III: Příběhy česko-slovenské fotografie

The Restless Guide Through Territory of Czechoslovak photography acquaints readers with key figures and trends in photographic techniques from the mid nine-teenth century to the present. You can go through it at random and faithfully from the start – the lively and individually designed layout will not tire you out. The dominant black-and-white photographs on natural paper are complemented by pleasant pastel colours and airily conceived blocks of typesetting with a proper contrast. The san serif font will look impressive in the detailed and rebelliously executed characters highlighting the title of the publication. The photo collage on the title page is not an end in itself: the high quality of the graphic design work is complemented by the comics of Lucie Šťastná, which deal with the period themes in an original creative form. The book rightly deserves attention and this year’s Czech Union of Graphic Design prize.

Štěpán Holič
Czech Union of Graphic Design representative

Author: Ondřej Horák
Editors: Petra Nováková, Ondřej Kavalír
Illustration: Lucie Šťastná
Book design: Matěj Hanauer, Petra Roubalová, Renata Hovorková (Studio DIP)
Publisher: Labyrint
Print: Finidr

Subject: The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2021
Title: Průvodce neklidným územím III: Příběhy česko-slovenské fotografie
Licence: Free license
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