Průvodce po zaniklých obcích, osadách a samotách pod Bukovou horou

3rd place

“Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; ... then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can,” writes Herman Melville in Moby Dick. This is the experience of coastal nations. For our fellow countryman it is more complicated. Before he reaches the sea, he must first go on a long roam with a rucksack on his back, perhaps below Buková hora. Petr Karlíček will be his best guide.

Lukáš Prokop
Art Panel member

Author: Petr Karlíček
Illustrations: Jakub Hrdlička
Photographs: Martin Zubík, Karel Konopka
Book design: Michal Chodanič, Magdalena Lindaurová (studio kapitola)
Publisher: Statutární město Ústí nad Labem a Národní muzeum v přírodě – Muzeum v přírodě Zubrnice
Print: Tiskárna V&H Print Hlávko
ISBN 978-80-86646-65-7, ISBN 978-80-87210-88-8

Subject: The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2021
Title: Průvodce po zaniklých obcích, osadách a samotách pod Bukovou horou
Licence: Free license

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