Týrání koček: Umělecký výzkum v krabici

1st place

At times it seems that the Risograph printing technique has already been considered and fulfilled, but then another publication appears that gets the collection going. In this category the unanimously selected exercise book Týrání koček (Cat Torture) is proof of this. The is about the monthly school of doctoral students and their sheer joy of working together and desire to experiment, and record the creative process. Prepare documents, in an entertaining way, mobilise, tangle, cut and
set them in a serious punk publication. It all seems to go without saying, but is not, the group of artists coming to the gallery Kabinet T have managed this with ease. Hail to the trimming of a book with a circular saw!

Alžběta Zemanová
Art Panel member

Authors: Elsa Rauerová, Matej Chrenka, Matěj Skalický, Adam Kencki
Illustration: Elsa Rauerová
Photographs: Elsa Rauerová, Matej Chrenka, Matěj Skalický, Adam Kencki
Book design: Elsa Rauerová, Matěj Skalický
Publisher: Galerie Kabinet T.
Print: Elsa Rauerová, Matěj Skalický
ISBN 978-80-11-00867-3

Subject: The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2021
Title: Týrání koček: Umělecký výzkum v krabici
Licence: Free license

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