Už tam budem, Mojžíši? Trochu jiná pesachová hagada

Distinctive illustrations, characteristic humour, a sense for detail and for the acronym – these are Kakalík’s attributes, making this publication an exceptional work.The story of the exodus of the Jews from Egypt is one of the favourite subjects of books on Jewish culture. The Haggadah is the liturgical text which is used during the Passover Seder. Over the centuries the Haggadah has changed its artistic form and is often accompanied by drawings and illustrations using different artistic techniques. The aim was and is to make the story attractive and hold the attention of the readers. Thus Už tam budem, Mojžíši? (Are we almost there, Moses?) boldly continues the rich cultural heritage and fills in a gap given that no illustrated Haggadah for children was published in the Czech Republic after 1989. The authors chose the comics form so the story could be more accessible to as many readers as possible. The book has several story and creative lines which explain the background of the feast in a comprehensible and engaging manner, but also why and how it is celebrated in the present world.

Xénia Hoffmeisterová
Association of Czech Graphic Artists HOLLAR representative

Author: Kakalík, Pavlína Šulcová
Illustration: Kakalík
Book design: Kakalík
Publisher: JCC Prague
Print: Indigoprint

Subject: The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2021
Title: Už tam budem, Mojžíši? Trochu jiná pesachová hagada
Licence: Free license
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