Walled-up Windows

Jiří Karásek: In memoriam

That soft, damp hair of yours, my friend,
Rots slowly in a foul grave
Your funeral shroud, all cracked and fetid.
Does your rotting body enslave.

That body, once so full of vehemence,
Those eyes, good as your dreaming soul,
That hair that once had vivid fragrance,
Are now decaying in a hole.

And it seems to me that in my body
That same vile worm is burrowing a path,
dressing me in Death’s decaying shroud,
and that my hair, dear friend, like yours,
is slowly rotting in a foul grave.

Subject: Others
Author: Karásek, Jiří
Title: Walled-up Windows
Date: 1894
Place of publication: Velké Meziříčí
Publisher: Nakladatelství Šaška a Frgala
Origin: fond svozy
Licence: Free license

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