ČS koncept 70. let

2nd place

The extensive publication entitled ČS koncept 70. let (CS concept of the 1970s) focuses on Czech and Slovak conceptual art trends particularly of the 1970s. Unlike the prevailing existing reflections of the Czech and Slovak art scene, seen more from the view of two separate wholes, it draws attention to their proximity and community cohesion. Overall, the book is an example of high-quality professional work. Highly appropriate is the Swiss binding inserted into the boards with a front and back flap. So with it containing 358 pages it is easier to leaf through the pages and the book does not close. The print across the whole surface of the boards is also of high quality. The appropriate choice of use of paper which is Pergraphica Natural Rough and the general graphic design also need to be rated.

Josef Sedláček
Art Panel member

Author: Denisa Kujelová
Book design: Martin Krajíček
Publisher: Fait Gallery
Print: Quatro print
ISBN 978-80-270-8957-4

Subject: The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2021
Title: ČS koncept 70. let
Licence: Free license

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