Letter to František Halas (1941)

Slatiňany, 9 Dec. 1941.
Dear František!
I’ve had some misfortune. Last Thursday I wanted to have a shot of rum. I mixed up the bottles and instead swallowed ammonia. I burned my innards. I’m still wheezing and only yesterday was I able to swallow for the first time an egg mixed in milk. So now I’m merely a whisp of a man. But you know I’ll claw my way out of this. But I’ll miss Poděbrady, maybe even Prague, since I’ll be lying with this stomach of mine probably in the hospital in Pardubice. Such holidays would really appeal to me. Peace to people of good will!
Write how you are doing, you brave man!
Fighting with the church too!
Subject: In the network
Author: John, Jaromír
Title: Letter to František Halas (1941)
Licence: Free license

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