Letter to Pavel Eisner (1947)

Olomouc, 26 Dec. 1947.
Dear Pavel,
I am reading your compliments in the review about Poláček and then in the book published by Mr. Karel Neubert where I found in you the first evaluator of that hard work I had in there. And of those immense difficulties with the Neuberts, apart from Karel, who considered the magazine too presidential in the Masaryk-Beneš vein and not at all socialist. It is a whole separate chapter, and I doubt I will ever talk about this period of my life openly. So, I’d like you to come for a visit; even though I am used to solitude, I feel here quite isolated, not having anyone to speak with in my innermost language. “And, as is known, the language is not overly scholarly.” I have a lot of talented young people here in the seminar, and they have gathered around me, probably because I dared to take the risk and be the only one of the teachers to move here. I have a beautiful apartment. I wish that you, run down, got the bright idea to take off for a few days and relax with me. You could even work here. I have three typewriters.
Best wishes to you and your family.
Yours, John
Subject: In the network
Author: John, Jaromír
Title: Letter to Pavel Eisner (1947)
Licence: Free license

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