Letter to Kamil Bednář (1941)

13 Oct. 1941
Dear Mr. Bednář!
Personally, I do not and cannot have anything against it – but neither do I blame you. It is an extremely problematic work. If you do it, remember my sweat. No one can appreciate such work. Or pay for it. I think there is only one way for you: to tell it poetically, simply á la Bednář. Then you would come out honourably!
My D. Q. is a book for adults and young adults. In this way, you would probably agree with Orbis, Dvořák and Halas, who certainly will not find it pleasant. Since I don’t envy your going into this as Kamil Bednář “making money”, which you might regret your whole life, and I also don’t envy the hard work on someone else’s turf – Cervantes’ turf – if you go into it as the poet Kamil Bednář, so I suggest that you try to make some money some other way. Maybe there’ll be something at Orbis. Then leave D. Q. to some teacher. He’ll do a “brief synopsis” and that will suffice for that third-rate publishing house.
Don’t take this work just for the money. Don’t do it!

To make money – we’ll somehow help you – surely, Halas and Dvořák at Orbis – and I at DP – will do all that we can to help.
I also regretted that your visit was so short. But now you know where I am – so come see me! You can even stay the night!
Subject: In the network
Author: John, Jaromír
Title: Letter to Kamil Bednář (1941)
Licence: Free license

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