Letter to Jaromír John (1945)

Prague, 26 June 1945.
Dear Jaromír,

I’m already sorting out your article on A. P. I think that we’ll publish an anthology on him later. If there is some kind of commemorative ceremony, I’ll offer it to Mánes. At any rate, I told them to keep in mind your article if they were going to publish Volné směry (Free Directions).
You know that when I settle down somewhere (probably in Poděbrady), I will be glad if you come visit me there. Though I haven’t been able to keep myself from committing to so many things, I am setting a deadline which will be met by autumn at the latest. Černý, of course, has it easier. It seems that I still haven’t learned how to distribute work properly, but perhaps the main fault lies in my wanting to keep an eye on everything.
I am glad that you still have so much zest for work and I wish you as much peace of mind as possible in your work. We all send our best wishes to you and Helena.

Best wishes, Franta
Subject: In the network
Author: Halas, František
Title: Letter to Jaromír John (1945)
Licence: Free license

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