Letter to Jaromír John (1946)

Prague, 25 January 1946.
Dear Jaromír,
The reason it took me so long to respond to you was that I wanted to speak about it with one of the social democrats. I spoke with Secretary General Blažej Vilím and he promised me to tell them what he thought of it. I think that they know best the situation with their publishing house and newspaper. The young there, in particular, have plenty of good intentions to fix it. I ask that you not write in the daily Svobodný zítřek (Free Tomorrow) even though it seems better than other activities of the national socialists. After all, it is their platform. - I would very much like for you to come to Prague so that we can discuss it. I also wanted to ask that you come on a Monday so that you accompany us in visiting the president. – Give our very best to Helena. We are looking forward to seeing you.
Yours truly,
Subject: In the network
Author: Halas, František
Title: Letter to Jaromír John (1946)
Licence: Free license

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