Letter to Václav Černý (undated)

Dear Václav,

I’m still going to write you a longer letter, but there’s so much bleakness inside and out that I haven’t found the mood. I thought about you a lot while reading the latest K. M.: I practically (illegible) out loud. When one is alone, apart from wine and the (illegible) hordes, many things appear different. I haven’t even thought about the things we talked about yet. Too many things have surged into my head. (illegible) I’m really looking forward to seeing you. For some reason my heart won’t settle down; I’d be better off holing up in Poděbrady where they probably would provide me with more intense treatments. My family sends warm greetings to you and yours. I’m full of questions, but will wait until we meet. My dear Václav, you may smirk, but it is true that… etc.
Warmly, Your old F.
Drop me a line so my Siberia here comes a bit to life!
Subject: In the network
Author: Halas, František
Title: Letter to Václav Černý (undated)
Licence: Free license

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