Letter to Ivan Blatný (1942)

31 Jan. 42
Dear Ivan,
Would you please send me 2–3 poems that have not been printed in the collection and in duplicate. At the beginning of March, Kmen is organising a soirée devoted to young poets, which Černý will introduce with a lengthier lecture and which will be quite official in character. Černý will select and arrange the poems, I’m simply rummaging around for material.
I’d be really grateful if you could send me the poems within a week at latest. Many thanks.
Best wishes,
Kamil Bednář
Joining you there will be Bednář, Čivrný, Jakub, Kainar, Mikulášek, Pilař, Tomeš and Bochořák.
P.S. There’ll be a private publication to accompany the evening, which will include a poem from everyone. Please complete the attached form for the censor.
Subject: In the network
Author: Bednář, Kamil
Title: Letter to Ivan Blatný (1942)
Licence: Free license

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