Letter to Jan Kopecký (25. 7. 1944)

25 Jul. 44
Dear Jan,
I’ll pass your letter onto to Šváb, who’s doing the layout, though I doubt that he’ll be able to meet your requirements due to the paper savings that have been stipulated. These days blank pages are a luxury and there is no need to risk the various consequences that depend on what are merely the impressions of anonymous people. But you don’t have to worry about the appearance. The paper will still be great and will look good. Procházka hasn’t yet sent a proposal. Please tell him either to send it within a week or not at all. There’s a new regulation on colours, so there can only be black and one other colour. Could you please let him know? As far as the blurb is concerned, wouldn’t it be a good idea if, for instance, Hájek wrote it and signed it by name? We are at present introducing signed blurbs in the case of better-quality items,
in order to avoid an overly marketing tone. Please could you arrange things with him or tell me if I should track him down myself /I don’t know where/? I have to say that I think it’s better if you ask him yourself in person /the fee is 100 crowns and a copy of the book/.
Turning to Trny mládí (Thorns of Youth), even though Karel N acted with the best will in the world, I think that I was dealt a poor hand, especially since the concept went against the spirit of the play. However, I admit that it was a first and a bit unsteady on its legs, and I’m not angry.
Look after yourself, best wishes,
Kamil B.
Subject: In the network
Author: Bednář, Kamil
Title: Letter to Jan Kopecký (25. 7. 1944)
Licence: Free license

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