Letter to Jan Kopecký (9. 6. 1945)

9 Jun. 45
Dear Honza,
We are slowly putting the autumn programme together along with the outlines of next spring’s programme, and so I’d like to ask you on behalf of the publisher whether your new book on theatre is taking shape and whether we can count on it being completed in the near future. You were satisfied with Divákovy zápisky (Viewers’ Notes) and perhaps the publisher lent you a helping hand, which is why I would merely like to lightly jog your memory, so that you don’t forget us. There will be no shortage of publishers right now, though we have your non-binding promises regarding the next book, which I am shamelessly attempting to coax out of you (you know me). I’d also like to talk to you in person about an idea I have for a magazine.
Look after yourself,
Kamil Bednář

Subject: In the network
Author: Bednář, Kamil
Title: Letter to Jan Kopecký (9. 6. 1945)
Licence: Free license

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