Letter to Vladimír Holan (1939)

4 Sept. 39
Dear Vladimír Holan, the Poet,
Forgive this epistolary approach. It is resorted to by someone who has no other way of getting closer to you. I am sending you the requested contribution to Program (Halas told me about it), but cannot at the same time resist availing myself of this opportunity and saying a few words about myself. You see, I’m not sure that you remember me from the 1–2 meetings we have had. If so, then I fear I left a poor impression, if patchy memory serves me well. I don’t want to “improve” matters by means of this letter. However, there are things that cause me pain. I can never seem
to find a way of getting closer to the people I respect. Silence speaks volumes – but who else will understand? However, I fear I am beginning to speak of myself, and so I will close with the simple wish that you forget both me and this letter. I simply wanted you to know that you have someone close and loyal, nothing more.
Yours, Kamil Bednář
Subject: In the network
Author: Bednář, Kamil
Title: Letter to Vladimír Holan (1939)
Licence: Free license

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