The high number of female protagonists demonstrates that modern writers were aware of how, through their otherness, women could personify an alternative to the contemporary rationalist visions. For that reason, a woman was more than once depicted as a destructive force (e.g., Marten's prostitute Ysotta). However, female characters, while allegorically commenting on the present day, were also - paradoxically - depicted as men’s creations or inventions (e.g., Villiers' The Future Eve). This ambiguity was explored by some female artists in their works as well: Rachilde created Mr. Venus: a being of dual gender – a woman dressed in a man's clothes, treating a man as a woman and turning him into a work of art.

Subject: Others
Author: Nerval, Gérard de
Title: Aurelie
Date: 1911
Place of publication: Prague
Publisher: Kamilla Neumannová
Origin: acquired in 1981
Licence: Free license

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